Category[Zone 4] A Zero Waste Workplace

Explore the 12 zones of zero waste living

I thought I know what I was doing when I decided I’m never making trash again! at the very start of my zero waste journey in 2015. Uh… that’s not how it works. I went all in...

A comprehensive list of zero waste swaps

Section by section plastic-free alternatives list - Green Indy Blog

Once you start analyzing your life through a zero waste lens, suddenly everything you once used without thought becomes an issue to be solved. I remember that time of my life well: it’s both...

Polly Barks Green Indy

Welcome to Green Indy! I’m Polly, and I’m here to show you that zero waste can be more accessible than you think. Ready to get started? Head this way.

Explore the 12 zero waste zones with The Zero Waste Blueprint workbook.


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