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Simple zero waste wet wipes tutorial

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I don’t think I’ve ever bough paper towels or wet wipes aside from a rare few occasions, so I don’t feel their loss as acutely as other zero wasters might. However, I do love convenience so having to constantly pull out a spray and a large rag to wipe anything down is kind of a pain.

Enter zero waste wet wipes with some of my very favorite essential oils.

They’re the perfect alternative to commercial wet wipes which often contain non-biodegradable plastic and potentially harmful chemicals. These wipes, on the other hand, are kind to the environment and your skin.

So give these a try – and ignore naysayers who cry for the loss of their wet wipes.

Remember how I talked in a previous post about motivating a reluctant partner to go zero waste? Appeal to their sense of laziness (the wipes are easy to make!), frugality (cheaper than constantly repurchasing commercial wipes!), or environmental concern (they’re a terrible waste!).

If nothing else, give these zero waste wet wipes a try and let them convert the non-believers themselves!

A super simple zero waste wet wipes tutorial ingredients

NB: mine aren’t completely zero waste as there’s plastic packaging for these items. The witch hazel and vinegar I bought pre-zero waste – bulk or glass options are likely available in your area if you look. The essential oils, though? I don’t have solutions for them!


Fabric (I cut up about half of an old t-shirt into 5×5 squares)
1/3 cup witch hazel
1/3 cup water
2 T vinegar
10-15 drops of essential oil*
Container for your fabric

*I used Plant Guru tea tree and peppermint, about 5 drops of each. Tea tree for its anti-microbial properties and peppermint because it smells delicious.

How to make the wet wipes

Mix all the liquid ingredients together. Lay fabric in a shallow pan (I used a pie tin), layering them so the liquid will be able to seep all the way through. Press down on your fabric so the liquid seeps through evenly – I also flipped the pile over and squeezed again to make sure

Before putting in your container, squeeze out most of the moisture so they aren’t too wet. Leaving the zero waste wet wipes too moist may make them prone to molding.

Stick them in your container of choice (I used a Mason jar) and pull them out as needed. I keep them in the bathroom to wipe down our prone-to-grime sink and tub. Super easy, super effective!

That’s it! Zero waste wet wipes are that easy! I’ve had my current batch sitting out for about a week and I’ve seen no signs of nastiness yet!

Super simple zero waste wet wipes tutorial - Green Indy BlogZero waste wet wipes - Green Indy Blog (pin)

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