A zero waste Q&A session – your questions answered!

A zero waste Q&A session - your questions answered! - Green Indy Blog

What’s up friends? I just finished up a live stream with a collection of questions I’ve received over the past few days. I wasn’t able to answer everything I was asked, but I got quite a bit covered.

Here’s the replay for those curious – if you’ve got more questions that I didn’t answer, ask away in the comments below!

In this Q&A I cover:

  • going zero waste with a non-zero waste partner
  • easy disposable swaps
  • 3 simple challenges to kickstart your zero waste journey
  • my 4-item cleaning list
  • and more!


What other questions about zero waste do you have that I haven’t answered yet? Let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “A zero waste Q&A session – your questions answered!”

  1. I really liked this video especially the part about going zero waste despite your partner not being on board. My husband wholeheartedly loves bottled water and soda (in cans) far too much to even think about giving them up. We’ve had a few arguments over it and I have come to realize that it’s a battle I just cannot win no matter how gently I attempt to approach the subject. (I’ve only just recently got him to stop scoffing at my recycling habit!)
    I am rather new to the zero waste movement and have been scouring every inch of the internet for decent blogs and I am quite excited to have stumbled upon this one! I may not be from Indianapolis (try southwest Idaho instead) but I am really enjoying all of your posts thus far. (I bookmarked the capsule wardrobe faq!) I feel like all of your posts are very concise with a touch of humor.
    I’ve put this blog on my favorites bar, signed up for e-mails, and look forward to seeing more posts.
    Thank you for creating this blog and I hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. Oh man, I feel all of this so hard! Working with a stubborn spouse is definitely an issue, so I wish you all of the luck!

      Thank you so much for all the kind comments, and power to you for going zero waste in a place that (I’m very much assuming) is not particularly geared toward zero waste! I look forward to chatting with you further!

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