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While it’s a fairly small city, Lafayette and West Lafayette are making some serious strides towards being better stewards of the earth. I’m looking forward to a city that embraces the ideals of less waste more fully. And while policy is happening, it’s slow going. The easiest way to start the ball rolling is by getting individuals to make changes in their day-to-day lifestyle.

It’s not a simple task, though, so I thought I’d offer a whole list of zero waste Lafayette resources to make the process a bit more streamlined for those interested in reducing their waste.

This list includes tons of places in Lafayette to stock up on zero waste items you might need around your house, as well as different organizations that align with the zero waste movement in some way. Get involved and get excited about zero waste here in Lafayette – and please, add on your recommendations in the comments below to share your knowledge!

Zero waste Lafayette resources ahead:


Dry/Wet Bulk





Food Classes

Personal/Home Products

Thrift shops

Homesteading/DIY supplies

Flea Market/Hodgepodge

Low/zero waste hygiene products


Composting options are pretty slim in Lafayette. If you have space to do it yourself, follow my guide for at-home composting. Otherwise, here are a few options.

Lafayette: the Tippecanoe Trash Transfer Station is a municipal composting option open to the public. Fees are $25.54 per ton, $19.50 per truck load and $2.00 per bag. Check the website for hours.

West Lafayette: West Lafayette runs a composting service with Purdue but does not appear to offer any residential composting services. West Lafayette runs a leaf pickup service which does keep raked leaves out of the landfill.

Battleground: in Battleground, the Waste Treatment Plant has a compost pile where you can take grass clippings, leaves and organic garden waste. As far as I can tell, this spot does not accept food waste.


Tippecanoe Waste: Full of resources about landfill trash, Lafayette’s excellent recycling program, and how to dispose of hazardous materials in Tippecanoe county. Did you know that Lafayette even has a very low-cost composting drop off service?

City Food Co-op: City Food Co-op is a downtown Lafayette shop that offers Indiana produce, bulk goods, and a space for periodic classes on topics like cooking, fermenting, and more! If you’re looking to support local business, there’s no better place to start than here!

Purdue Extension: Purdue Extension is everything you could ever want for the low-down on all-things nature and agriculture. They focus their program on four main areas: Agriculture and Natural Resources , Health and Human Sciences , Economic and Community Development , and 4-H Youth Development. Check out their site for a ton of amazing community events.

Food Waste Project: The West Lafayette Wastewater Treatment Plant is taking food waste from the Purdue dining courts, feeding it into the anaerobic digesters, and producing electricity for the plant! Why doesn’t every other city with a major food waster start this program immediately?!

NICHES Land Trust: NICHES protects, restores and sustains Northern Indiana’s ecosystems by providing habitat for native species and offering education for citizens. What better way to support your zero waste efforts than enjoying the land you’re trying to preserve?

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