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Zero waste shopping in Indianapolis: a guide

A guide to zero waste shopping in Indianapolis - Green Indy Blog

Since starting my flirtation with zero waste, I’ve been tormented by visions of absolutely sprawling bulk stores from across the ‘net. I mean, let me be clear: Indianapolis is no tiny speck on the map. But it is somewhat limited by being a mid-sized Midwestern city – zero waste shopping in Indianapolis isn’t quite a breeze.

That being said, there are still¬†plenty¬†of options for zero waste shopping in Indianapolis (provided you have a decent grocery budget and a car, but that’s a whoooole ‘nother blog right there).

When I really started looking for them, zero waste options started popping up far more frequently than I’d ever imagined.

Because while people may envision zero waste shopping as strictly bulk bin shopping, it’s not at all!

What exactly is zero waste food shopping?

Zero waste shopping is going to the salad bar to pick out your favorite kind of olive and pop it into your mason jar.

It’s finding amazing, unwrapped produce at a local market.

It’s snagging a gorgeous local honey in a 100% reusable/recyclable glass container.

It’s going to the deli section and ordering a portion of meat or cheese that simply goes into your reusable container, rather than plastic wrap.

It’s choosing not to purchase pre-made food options, even though it’s so easy.

It’s so many ways of shopping that can be far more accessible than most people would imagine. Really really!

To that end: I’ve put together a handy-dandy map together that breaks down Indianapolis shops by bulk / produce / local goods and more to make it super easy for you to find zero waste food! (NB: these are only shops I have personally been to, so there’s more! I will continue to update the map as I receive suggestions or visit new places.)

Plus, during warmer months – don’t forget to hit up some of Indy’s many farmers markets. (Or even the Indy Winter Farmers Market, through April.)

Delicious, zero waste food options await! Don’t forget your list and all of your zero waste shopping essentials!


This is my current list – what else would you add? I’d be particularly grateful if you could suggest anywhere to get bulk liquid goods like soap, shampoo, etc.

Zero Waste Shopping in Indianapolis - Green Indy Blog

6 thoughts on “Zero waste shopping in Indianapolis: a guide”

  1. Good Earth is the best! I’ve been trying to stop by there more especially now that a Fresh Thyme will be going up so close to them. I was there last weekend and wanted a sweet treat but didn’t have a bulk bag handy, so I wrapped up some bulk chocolate in a cloth napkin I had, and they didn’t bat an eye!

    1. That’s awesome – love when places are so accommodating! I’m not too too far from BR now, so it’s definitely an awesome resource!

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