The Zero Waste Blueprint e-book

Getting rid of all the plastic packaging in your life. Eradicating food waste. Hours and hours of frustrating research. The statistics are frightening and the day-to-day is overwhelming.

Trying to de-trash your life and enact sustainable changes while still living your life can feel totally impossible. We want to live a perfect zero waste life right away when in fact making these changes is a slow, habit-building process.

The Zero Waste Blueprint is a workbook based on the full-year course, and helps eco-enthusiasts learn more about zero waste and make practical, actionable changes. Unlike other books or challenges that just skim the surface, Blueprint provides practical tips that will help you implement zero waste habits into your life right away. 

We’re going way beyond plastic straws here.

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What’s inside Intro

An introduction, overview and action tips for each of the 12 zero waste zones:

  • Zone 1: A Low-Waste Kitchen
  • Zone 2: A Waste-Free Bathroom
  • Zone 3: Green Cleaning
  • Zone 4: A Zero Waste Workplace
  • Zone 5: Zero Waste IRL
  • Zone 6: Minimizing Mindfully
  • Zone 7: Your At-Home Garden
  • Zone 8: De-Trash Travel
  • Zone 9: All About Composting
  • Zone 10: An Ethical Wardrobe
  • Zone 11: Community Action
  • Zone 12: Zero Waste Holidays

Each zone is broken into 2-3 separate parts, to help you really pick and choose what you want to work on. Follow the 12 zones in order, or mix it up to focus on what you’re most interested in first! The zones are all interconnected but not built on each other, so you can start anywhere. This is perfect for anyone new to zero waste or not sure what their next steps should be.

What’s included in your purchase:

  • A 37-page interactive PDF guiding you through the 12 zones.
  • Worksheets to help plan, using what you’ve learned.
  • A discount code that can be applied toward The Essential Zero Waste Blueprint if you choose to take the full course.
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