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You Vs. Trash

Reduce your trash by half in just one month! Simple, wildly effective strategies to minimize your trash can so that you can start your journey to zero waste confidently.

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Reduce your consumption and actually feel good about what you put in your body, your home, and into the earth?

Go zero waste and began a radical lifestyle change?

Produce less than a small plastic bag of trash every two weeks?


Each year, the typical American family throws out 2,460 pounds of paper, 540 pounds of metals, 480 pounds of glass and 480 pounds of food scraps.

If those numbers seem too big to understand, put it this way: the average American creates almost 4.4 pounds of trash per person per day.

Want to feel even worse?

Americans pour 16 tons of sewage into their waters — every minute of every day.

Want to feel even worse-worse?

We throw away 2.5 million plastic beverage bottles every hour. (Yup, that’s the stuff you see floating around in the oceans and inside washed-up whales and birds.)

(And just if you’re wondering – Americans may be the biggest perpatrators, other developed countries are not far behind at all. Take a look at a typical trash day near you and I’m sure you’ll see what I’m saying.)


I created this course to show you how I reduced my trash bag, stopped using plastic almost 95% of the time, and started feeling like I was making a change that could tangibly help the environment.

You really want to know, right?

(OK, but I can’t promise you’ll like it.)

I dug around in my trash. I got on a raccoon’s level to really see what I was sending into the landfill.


Last year I produced a ton of trash…

Now, very little. All because I was willing to get down and dirty – and a little creative with my lifestyle. If you want to reduce your trash and feel up for a challenge, you’re in exactly the right place.


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    Reduce your trash can by half

    The first thing we’ll do is a trash audit (more on that later) to measure how much trash you’ve created. You’ll note the volume/number of items in your trash in the [x] days since you took out the trash. At the end of the course, you’ll measure your trash for the same [x] days and see the difference. Hopefully it’s half as much – or even less!

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    Become more mindful of the waste you create

    Think fast – what’s in your trash can right now. Chances are, you probably don’t even know! That’s a problem. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to reduce your waste by becoming more aware of the unnecessary, single-use items you consume.

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    Make you more confident to make zero waste choices

    Let’s face it: being zero waste in public is kind of a scary thing. People look at you weird, don’t understand your requests, and sometimes flat out just say no. Part of this course is just getting you ready to feel more confident about making the requests you need to create a zero waste lifestyle. And to feel OK about walking away if your needs can’t be met.


In You vs. Trash, you’re going to learn how to begin a more zero waste lifestyle and reduce the amount of waste in your trash can by half in just one month! You’ll achieve this by focusing on the two areas where most of our trash is produced: in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

By identifying the products you use most often and finding zero waste alternatives, you’ll be able to create a smaller impact on the environment by sending less to the landfill.

The different modules included in this course are listed below. The course also offers several editable worksheets to help you plan and brainstorm.

  • Module 1: Introduction
    • What are the 5 Rs of zero waste and how can you use them to reduce your waste?
    • How can you research recycling options for your area and optimize your recycling process?
    • What’s the best composting option for you?
    • What do you do with “real” trash once you’ve exhausted the other Rs?
  • Module 2: Look Into Your Trashcan
    • What is a trash audit? How do I complete a trash audit, step-by-step?
    • What goals can I set know that I know my trash?
  • Module 3: Zero Waste Day-to-Day
    • How can I be confident in taking zero waste into real life?
    • What are the components of a zero waste kit?
    • What challenges can I try to feel more confident in my zero waste journey?
  • Module 4: Zero Waste Kitchen
    • What are some common kitchen trash makers?
    • What are the easy, cheap alternatives to common kitchen trash makers?
    • How do I complete a zero waste grocery trip?
  • Module 5: Zero Waste Bathroom
    • What are some common bathroom trash makers?
    • What are the easy, cheap alternatives to common bathroom trash makers?
    • Which items in your bathroom are easy to DIY?
  • Module 6: Conclusion, Show Us Your Success
    • How much has changed since my initial trash audit?
    • What are my goals going forward?


The entire You vs. Trash course – all the strategies, challenges, and worksheets – are broken down into six modules spread out over a one month period to ensure you won’t get overwhelmed and can easily and methodically pare down your waste by half.

A flat fee of $75.

(That’s $0.37/day.)


10-day money back. NO questions asked. (OK, maybe just an exit survey – that’s it!)


When does this course run?

This course will begin October 1st – after the 1st it will close and not be available again until December 2017!

Is there any accountability in this course? Do I get any extra support from you?
Absolutely! I will offer “office hours” twice per month on the first and third Sunday afternoon from 5-7PM EST. You will be provided a link once you purchase the course. You are free to use this for as long as you like – even after your month is over.

Feel free to hop onto the chat, ask questions, and get real time feedback about anything you might be struggling with!

How much more is in the course vs. what you already put on your blog?
A lot more! My blog is more of a daily dose of inspiration while this course is an action-packed, step-by-step guide to definitively reducing your waste.

Will this work for people outside of the USA?
Obviously a lot of having access to zero waste items depends on your location, but I’m confident that people from all over the world will be able to find easy, actionable steps to help them reduce what they send to the landfill.

How much time will this take?
The course is designed to last one month, with weekly doses of action. Ideally, I’d encourage you to spend at least an hour per week looking over the course, filling out the worksheets, and doing preparation/research.

If you have more time to dedicate to it, great. If not, this course will always be available to you to refer back to when you have more time.