The beginning

Why zero waste isn’t zero: don’t feel discouraged if you continue to produce trash; in fact, you absolutely will. (Spoiler alert: it’s the system we live in, not you.)

5 essential concepts for zero waste success: see an overarching view of the zero waste ideas you’ll need to master.

Getting started: actionable steps

20 actionable steps for the zero waste curious:  I’ve created a list of 20 simple, actionable steps to getting anyone started with zero waste.

Zero waste challenges to try this weekend: No-pressure, low-stakes zero waste challenges that won’t take too much time and – more importantly – won’t feel like an insurmountable sacrifice. You ready?

Being prepared

My zero waste bag essentials: the easiest way to create waste is to leave the house without a little bit of planning. Create a zero waste essentials kit to avoid fails!

How do I go zero waste with a partner who doesn’t care?: Be prepared, not everyone will be as on-board with the process as you are. Here are some tips for navigating that fact.

Zero waste on a budget

Participate in the zero waste movement for free: despite what some influencers may have you believe, zero waste habits don’t need to come with a price tag.

How to go zero waste on a budget: tips and tricks for achieving a partially zero waste lifestyle when you don’t have money or time to invest in the lifestyle. Plus, a case study on how I actually did it.

Going zero waste in a food desert: if you don’t have easy access to a grocery store, here are some tips for accessing zero waste based on my own experiences.

Zero waste shopping

Tips on getting near zero waste packages from Amazon: I live in a mid-sized city that still lacks a lot of zero waste options. I still order off Amazon – here are some hacks to keep packaging waste minimal.

How to get near zero waste groceries without bulk: many people don’t have access to bulk stores. Here are some ideas on how to reduce your plastic waste anyway.

What do you bring to go zero waste grocery shopping?: the items I always toss in my car before going on a grocery trip.