Are zero waste groceries expensive?: bulk vs Walmart comparison

One of the big complaints I hear about zero waste grocery shopping – aside from lack of access to bulk – is how expensive it is. I always just sort of assumed that was true, but then realized I was making a 90% zero waste shop each week while staying under $40 (for two people).

So if I – person on an extreme budget living in Indiana in a county with less than 180,000 people – can make it happen, chances are zero waste groceries are more accessible and more economical than you might expect. read more

The ridiculously easy way to get labels off of jars

The ridiculously easy way to get labels off of jars is so simple I almost didn’t bother to share it. But, while I do try to purchase unpackaged goods as much as possible, sometimes product in a glass jar is the packaged alternative I turn to. Rather than simply recycling those jars, I like to reuse them for any number of storage purposes.

And I’ve stared at many a perfectly good jar in consternation because I just can’t quite get all of the label or any of the sticky glue off, so I figured this may be useful to some. read more

Stojo review: an adorable pocket-sized coffee cup

I’m pretty much always willing to caffeinate, so having something on-hand for coffee is key. And while I love the traditional feel of a heavier glass mug, it can be a pain to carry a full-sized mug everywhere you go. Enter the Stojo: a collapsible zero waste coffee cup.

Yes, it can literally fit in your pocket.

Cool, right?!

Because one thing I have a lot of trouble with in my zero waste journey is staying prepared. I walk away from purchases more often than I’d care to admit simply because I didn’t bring that very simple zero waste alternative with me. So small, forgettable-but-utterly-useful items are key to my success. read more

Fire cider 101: an herbal remedy for winter colds

I’m someone who gets miserably sick at least twice each winter. I suppose it’s a combination of having a so-so immune system as well as working with lots of kids. My body really has no chance. I’m also someone with a track record of reacting badly to medications. Some medications lower my blood pressure to the point I pass out. Others make me feel worse – in various tortured ways – than my original symptoms presented as.

Also, as someone interested in zero waste, the amount of packaging (necessary, but frustrating) is something to take into consideration. read more

Creating a zero waste house: zero waste laundry

I’m moving into a 1000 square foot, 130-year-old house with nothing but the absolute basics. “Creating a zero waste house” is an ongoing series which will address different parts of the house and the best tips/DIYs/products for going zero waste. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through them, I may earn a small commission at no cost to you. 

Laundry is an inevitable fact of life, particularly if – like my husband and I – you have a very limited capsule wardrobe which requires frequent washing with lots of care. read more