Zero waste budget: money spent and trash made in January 2018 - Green Indy Blog

Zero waste budget: money spent and trash made in January 2018

Sometimes I look at our finances and wonder what’s going on. From freelancing to hourly work to variable expenses as we get settled in our house, every month is a bit of a guessing game as to where we’ll end up. Luckily, we manage to save and thrive as a small zero waste budget household. We practice the first R of zero waste – refuse – heavily and that’s really helped us manage a small budget. I almost didn’t post the promised January zero waste budget overview simply because the month was so different than usual. We both brought in

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Zero waste in a food desert: how I shopped - Green Indy Blog

Zero waste in a food desert: how I shopped

This is an updated version of a previously published post. I vividly remember one of the most miserable experiences of my first few months in Indy. Neither my husband nor I had snagged a job yet, and we were coming to the end of our savings. We lived close to downtown but the nearest grocery store was 1.2 miles away. We needed food but really couldn’t spare money for an Uber (nor was there a direct bus route). So my husband and I walked to and from the store, the cold November wind whipping past us. On the way back

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My (mostly) zero waste bathroom tour

Welcome to my (mostly) zero waste bathroom tour, kindly sponsored by The Green Root. You might not think it, but the bathroom is a great place for anyone to jump start their zero waste journey. It’s a space of our house we often tuck away and forget about, despite using it for some of the – ahem – most vital functions. In fact, the bathroom is full of many items we can choose to not repurchase, DIY, or find non-disposable alternatives for. Trust me when I say there’s definitely plenty of room for our collective improvement. To the tune of

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5 essential concepts for zero waste success - Green Indy Blog

5 essential concepts for zero waste success

Are you one of the Americans helping to create more than 700,000 tons of garbage every day? (FYI, that’s enough to fill about 60,000 trash trucks.┬áDAILY.) You don’t have to be. Really, I should know. I was one of those people not too long ago, but after tons of internet sleuthing, reading, and thinking, I went zero waste and never looked back. And while I could talk for days about everything I know (or want to know) about zero waste, there are five essential concepts for zero waste success that I’ve discovered. I’ve used them to turn myself into a

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5 simple rules for hosting your first zero waste meetup - Green Indy Blog

5 simple rules for hosting your first zero waste meetup

Recently I’ve had several people message me rather enviously on Instagram, saying “I’m so jealous you have other zero waste people to hang out with! I wish there were zero waste meetups near me!” I get it! Online community is great. However, having a local group can be even more vital to the success of your zero waste journey. But there seems to be a misconception that a mid-sized city in Indiana (of all places) had a vibrant zero waste community I just inserted myself into. Not so. I started a Facebook group. I harassed people relentlessly on Instagram. I

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