The big list of zero waste cleaning recipes

People can make zero waste cleaning more difficult than it needs to be. After all, the whole concept of zero waste is to stop consuming unnecessary, unsustainable items. Do yourself a favor and simplify.

Plus, take it from a lazy person: the fewer cleaning products you have to choose from, the less overwhelming it feels to actually clean your house.

(Or at least that’s what I tell myself.)

The best part of wholly embracing zero waste cleaning supplies is that you can pretty much use the same four or five different ingredients in any number of useful ways. Read on to find out about the cleaning supplies I use when I’m not feeling too lazy to clean. read more

On buying stuff, prioritizing, and making ethical decisions

Alternatively titled, Hierarchy of ethical decisions as an environmentalist; or, stop judging other people.

I’m sure we’ve all been there. You need to purchase something, but you’re paralyzed by indecision. Maybe you need a new pair of rain boots, but do you choose the ones you can afford, the vegan ones, or the ones from the super-sustainable brand?

Making ethical decisions is never easy.

Making ethical decisions is even harder when we know others will judge us for our decisions. Value judgements are distinctly personal, yet most people feel they have the right to weigh in on them. read more

Tips for hosting or attending a zero waste party

Ready to host or attend a party but not sure how to deal from a zero waste perspective? I’ve put together this zero waste party guide with a few ideas to get you started.

The one thing you’re always going to need, though? More than any physical item, you’ll need to have the confidence in your zero waste practices to be the odd one out. I know it can be awkward to be the only one using real silverware at a picnic, but it’s less awkward than the slow demise of our planet… read more

The 10-step zero waste beginner guide

Starting a journey towards zero waste can seem overwhelming at the beginning! Rather than tackling the concept as a whole, I found it helpful to break zero waste down into little chunks.

Zero waste for beginners doesn’t have to be information overload. Enter this zero waste beginner guide.

I’ve compiled the ten most helpful steps for beginners to get a handle on their zero waste practices. Try one or two each week until you feel comfortable with that step – then move on to the next. Along the way you’ll find other questions or practices you want to explore too! read more

Tips on staying zero waste when it seems too hard

That feeling when you’re so tired you’re not sure you can do what you need to do, much less deal with living zero waste.

I’m sure we’ve all felt it anecdotally, but science actually backs those feelings up with cold, hard facts. Studies show that sleep deprivation “lowers inhibition and enhances impulsivity to negative stimuli”. Basically, when you’re tired it’s much easier to make poor choices you wouldn’t otherwise.

In zero waste terms, I’m sure we can all think of an example. Buying a plastic-wrapped ready meal on a 15 minute lunch break. Forgetting your reusable mug and getting a single-use cup because you need caffeine. Making an impulse purchase we later regret because we were too tired to do proper research. read more