8 small zero waste challenges to try this weekend - Green Indy Blog

8 small zero waste challenges to try this weekend

Trying to put together a zero waste life is not easy! Between work, personal obligations, and all the other wild things going on in your life, zero waste can feel like the last thing on your mind. To that end, I wanted to challenge you to pick out one or two zero waste challenges to try this weekend. No-pressure, low-stakes zero waste challenges that won’t take too much time and – more importantly – won’t feel like an insurmountable sacrifice. You ready? Grab a book If a sedentary start to your zero waste journey is your style, what better way

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Zero waste ginger beer from a ginger bug recipe - Green Indy Blog

Make zero waste ginger beer with a ginger bug

I love having a cocktail at the end of a long day. I also love a good mimosa for a weekend brunch. I don’t want to give you the impression I’m out here drink all the time, but I am a big believer that a drink can complement just about any event or meal. Having got that out of the way, let’s talk zero waste alcohol. Alcohol, by nature, is fairly low-waste on the consumer end: glass bottles and metal caps make for easy reuse or recycling. That being said, the production of alcohol itself is not particularly low impact.

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A stupidly simple one-ingredient beeswax wrap DIY - Green Indy Blog

A stupidly simple one-ingredient beeswax wrap DIY

One of the handy little things I carry in my everyday zero waste essentials kit is a reusable food wrap. It’s basically a little handkerchief with a wax cover. Not only is it functional, but it always garners a lot of interest from people, making it a great way to start a conversation with folks in coffee shops about good zero waste practices. Curious about how to make one of these beeswax wraps (or their vegan counterparts)? Read on. What’s the point of a beeswax wrap? Essentially, it’s meant to replace plastic wrap or even small ziploc baggies in your everyday life.

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My zero waste bag essentials - Green Indy Blog header

A simple kit that makes zero waste success easy

Staying zero waste when you’re out of the house for 10+ hours a day can be tricky, particularly if you work in a place – like my school – where massive amounts of waste are the norm. Shoot, staying zero waste on a casual outing with friends can be almost impossible at times! Luckily I’ve come to find that packing a good zero waste bag can really mitigate a lot of potential pitfalls. Honestly, the most underrated piece of advice about going zero waste is this: be prepared. If you’re not prepared, you’re going to fail and waste (especially disposables) are going

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A list of zero waste essentials - Green Indy Blog (header)

Zero waste essentials you probably already have in your house

To be honest, I haven’t bought a whole lot of zero waste essentials since starting my zero waste efforts in late 2016. (I mean, that’s kind of the point, right?) That being said, I have started amassing things that make my life easier – and I’m here to share a couple of the no-brainer ones with you right now. The big caveat to all this is, of course, that zero waste is explicitly about not sending things to the landfill. So if you’ve got inspiration of excitement about going green – great! But don’t start throwing things out willy-nilly since that defeats

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