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A comprehensive guide to ethical bulk tea

A comprehensive guide to ethical bulk tea - Green Indy Blog

Perks of the zero waste movement? A greater connection to the planet and a sense of doing right. Downsides? You discover the dark side of everything. Like the fact that many commercial tea bags have...

How to tackle the 3 hardest zero waste zones

How to tackle the 3 most difficult zero waste zones - Green Indy Blog

A while into my zero waste explorations I had the bright idea of creating a system of looking at zero waste that I wish I’d had when I started exploring: the 12 zones of zero waste. As I...

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Welcome to Green Indy! I’m Polly, and I’m here to show you that zero waste can be more accessible than you think. Ready to get started? Head this way.

Explore the 12 zero waste zones with The Zero Waste Blueprint workbook.


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