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12/23 | 12:00-1:00 EST | 2019 Zero Waste Goal Setting: I’m not the biggest fan of resolutions, but planning how the next year can be more sustainable is great! Join me as we work together through the 12 zero waste zones. We’ll identify one main goal for each section of zero waste living to kick off a sustainable 2019. Free, sign up required.

Every Tuesday until 12/11 | 6:30 EST | Facebook | Live! Exploring the 12 zero waste zones: Every Tuesday for 12 weeks I’ll be hosting a short Facebook live event talking through one of the zero waste zones, tips & tricks for conquering that zone, and answering any questions you have! What are the 12 zones, you ask? A way of breaking down a complex issue (zero waste) into smaller, simpler concepts (different areas of your life).