12/2 | 2:30-3:30  | Lafayette, IN | Zero Waste Lafayette Holiday Meetup: whether you’ve got your zero waste habits on lock or are just curious about how to reduce your waste, join Zero Waste Lafayette for a holiday meetup! We’ll chat about: low-waste gifts, recipes to reduce food waste during big dinners, zero waste wrapping techniques, and anything else you may have questions about! Snacks, hot drinks, and some freebies will be provided! Free.

12/4 | 6-7 | Indianapolis, IN | Low-Waste Lip Balm WorkshopCome learn how to make low-waste lip balm. Perfect as a gift or for your own chapped lips through the cold winter months, this lip balm is made with just three simple ingredients. You’ll take home a sample or two as well as a recipe with resources on where to source ingredients for your own experiments. Event will be held at ReCraft, a connection point and facilitator for sustainable and ethical crafting. $10.

12/5 | 3:00-4:00  | Lafayette, IN | Build Your Own Zero Waste Kit: being prepared is the easiest way to drastically reduce the trash you make while out in the world. Learn how to build your own zero waste kit by taking a quick quiz to find out what you actually need. Sample zero waste kits with donated items will be available for some participants to take home! Free.


Every Tuesday until 12/11 | 6:30 EST | Facebook | Live! Exploring the 12 zero waste zones: Every Tuesday for 12 weeks I’ll be hosting a short Facebook live event talking through one of the zero waste zones, tips & tricks for conquering that zone, and answering any questions you have! What are the 12 zones, you ask? A way of breaking down a complex issue (zero waste) into smaller, simpler concepts (different areas of your life).