Who are you?

Someone casually interested in zero waste or sustainability. You’ve chatted about the plastic straw bans or getting some reusable produce bags with others but aren’t sure how to translate passion into action.

You know you’re ready for the next step of your journey, you just haven’t figured out what it is yet.

What do you want?

To explore a low-waste lifestyle without feeling like you’re the only hyper-sensitive weirdo on the block.

(Or was that just me when I started going zero waste?)

Enter De-trash Together: a 30 day group zero waste challenge, a challenge with daily guided questions for you and a group of up to four friends to complete together. Because zero waste living can be difficult, but it’s way easier with a little bit of guidance and a few people to talk to.

The challenge is perfect for:

  • you and the friends who @ each other in videos about environmental issues
  • you and the coworkers you convinced to leave a reusable mug at their desk
  • you and your family members who want to stop trading trash duty every week

Too many resources make zero waste 100% about just day-to-day bits of garbage. That’s an important aspect, but zero waste is so much more than a few plastic wrappers. De-trash together challenges you to go beyond that mindset with guided questions to provoke thought and super-helpful swaps to push progress.

How does the challenge work?

Every day you and your group will answer one question on a pre-chosen platform (e-mail, text, or Slack board). Each five day section focuses on a specific part of the zero waste journey for six total sections: Back to Basics, Focus on Food, Keeping it Clean, Zero Waste IRL, Community, and Advanced Ideas. Each week will challenge you to make swaps (easy! You’ll also get the 90 Super-Helpful Zero Waste Swaps e-book!), dig into your zero waste motivations, and explore different ways to change your mindset.

As you and your friends, family, or co-workers go through the challenge, you’ll see the physical changes but you’ll also see the mental changes. Less consumption, more focus on being mindful of what you consume and how you can collaborate to get the things you need without waste.

All in just 15 minutes or less every day.

(Really. I know you don’t have time to waste.)

Get Started

What you’ll receive
  • A facilitator packet (digital): as the facilitator (AKA leader) of the challenge, you’ll get an extra packet with info and a checklist to make sure you’re set. (Don’t worry – leading the challenge basically means posting a daily question. Easy as that!)
  • A participant packet (digital): you’ll send a digital copy of this to each participant. It has an introduction packet, goal setting sheet, and the 30 day challenge packet.
  • 90 Zero Waste Swaps (digital): available in each packet, this ebook will provide simple, actionable ideas for you to try during the 30 day challenge.
  • A zero waste kit (IRL!): if you’re one of the first five people to sign up for the challenge, you’ll receive a zero waste kit with some helpful goodies to share between the participants!

All of this for $35 (that’s just $7 per person if you get a group of five together).


How many people is this challenge for?

The De-trash Together challenge is designed for you and up to four other people. Two people works just as well as four. (The limit is there to allow for meaningful conversation and dialogue between participants. Reading four other answers and commenting is do-able. Now imagine trying to do it with ten or twenty people!)

Also, you don’t have to be in the same place to challenge yourselves together! You and a zero waste curious friend across the country can chat back and forth via text, e-mail, or Slack just as easily. In place of IRL meetings, set up a Skype date when it’s convenient!

I don’t have time to think about zero waste – why bother?

That’s the whole point of this challenge – to cut out the worrying and long hours of research/planning. The daily guided questions are there to help you make the detailed but important choices that will drastically reduce your waste. As I mentioned earlier, completing the questions should take no more than 15 minutes a day. Any other time you dedicate to the challenge is up to you and your schedule.

Who exactly is this challenge for?

It’s for people on all levels of their zero waste journey. No need to be an expert here, just be willing to learn along with everyone else and do a little bit of organizing work at the start of things. A community is powerful whether it’s built on the back of someone experienced in the zero waste lifestyle or someone full of questions and eager to learn!

The massive 90 Super-Helpful Zero Waste Swap e-book and practical/philosophical questions within the challenge means even people with zero waste experience can learn and grow.

Get Started