I’m pretty much always willing to caffeinate, so having something on-hand for coffee is key. And while I love the traditional feel of a heavier glass mug, it can be a pain to carry a full-sized mug everywhere you go. Enter the Stojo: a collapsible zero waste coffee cup.

Yes, it can literally fit in your pocket.

Cool, right?!

Because one thing I have a lot of trouble with in my zero waste journey is staying prepared. I walk away from purchases more often than I’d care to admit simply because I didn’t bring that very simple zero waste alternative with me. So small, forgettable-but-utterly-useful items are key to my success.

So for those of us who are less than prepared when we walk out the door every day. You can just toss it in your bag, forget about it, and then get very excited when you remember it’s there and can get a coffee without a single-use container. (I’ve also tared it and filled it with bulk snacks when in a bind!)

I found myself using this all the time while commuting to and from Indianapolis. I could have a cup of coffee in the morning, collapse it down as I get out of the car, and pull it out of my bag later without having to think about it while juggling the 100 other things I was carrying. If you travel frequently or don’t have the ability to have a larger bag with you throughout the day, the Stojo could be a great option for you.

Click here to see Stojo’s six colorful options.

Stojo review: a pocket-sized coffee cup - Green Indy Blog

The cup stands just 5 inches tall and collapses down to 1.75 inches, meaning it really will fit in your pocket.

For those wondering, it’s made out of food grade silicone while the lid and sleeve are polypropylene. It contains no BPAs, phthalates, leads, or glues. The good news is that the materials it’s made out of are recyclable, though not through a traditional recycling program. I thought long and hard before purchasing this – rather than something glass like a KeepCup – but decided it was a worthwhile buy because of it’s convenience and durability.

On a further zero waste note, the Stojo comes packaged in a small bit of cardboard – no unnecessary plastic packaging inside!

One final aspect I like is that the lid really is leak proof! Once I’ve finished my coffee, I seal it back up and collapse the Stojo back in my bag, unwashed. The remnants of coffee have not once dripped into my purse so it can hang out in there until you have a convenient place to wash it out.

Stojo review: zero waste mug

The downsides, you ask? Well, there are a few. First, the Stojo currently only comes in a 12 oz size, which may seem small to some. I personally like it because I’m less likely to overindulge (and I save a few bucks on my order) when I have a smaller cup. Still, some people want more and I totally get it.

The other issue I had was that it initially seemed a little unstable. Despite having the sturdier sleeve to protect your hands and stabilize the cup, the silicone is definitely far wobblier than a typical plastic or glass mug. That being said, after frequent use over the past two months, I’ve yet to knock over or spill from the Stojo. It takes a bit of getting used to, but I can’t say it’s really less stable than any other cup I have. (Plus, if you seal the lid, even if you do knock it over, it won’t spill!)

If the size doesn’t bother you and you’re into the novelty of something different (trust: you’ll get a lot of excited attention about this little dude!), the collapsible Stojo could be a great aid in avoiding the single-use disposables that rear their ugly heads in coffee shops around the world.

Are you a fan of these convenient little novelties or are you a more traditional, full-sized mug sort of person? I admit, I wasn’t sold at first, but it’s since become a great weapon in my zero waste arsenal!


An online resource here to help you break down the complex issue of zero waste into simple, actionable steps.


Iris · November 8, 2017 at 3:47 pm

This is super cool! I will ask my parents buy one for my birthday!

coffeeandcleveland · November 28, 2017 at 5:49 pm

I need this for the simple fact that it’s one less thing for me to carry home from work.

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