How to rock zero waste travel in 7 easy steps

Zero waste travel can be difficult. Scratch that – living an average day zero waste can be difficult.

There’s a delicate balance to be struck between being aware of the waste you’re creating but also actually enjoying the trip you’re taking. I like to mitigate most of my worries by planning ahead. Traveling zero waste with a plan is an important way to reduce the waste you create while in an unfamiliar place.

I love this quote by Celia of Litterless:

…there are things I can easily do to stay zero waste while traveling. There are things, too, that I can’t easily do. The less guilt I feel over supposed failures, the more energy and motivation I have to keep doing zero waste long-term. And that, friends, is my goal, not reaching perfection on any given trip. read more

How and why to buy carbon offsets for travel

Some people may not realize the how and why to buy carbon offsets for travel – but it’s actually a pretty simple process!

This past week I took a loooooong (emphasis on long) road trip from Indianapolis to Maine. The round trip was almost 2000 miles!

It was great to see my family, but I was definitely concerned about how wasteful the trip had been from an environmental standpoint. After mulling it over (did I mention I had a lot of time to think on this long drive?!) I decided to look into purchasing a carbon offset to compensate for the 17+ hours worth of fossil fuel emissions I’d put into the world! read more