Get inspired by these zero waste books

Reading blogs is all well and good, but sometimes you need to deep dive into books to get nuanced information. Here are a list of the zero waste books (and zero waste adjacent books) I’d recommend you check out.

The books here are linked to Amazon – some are available for free if you have a Kindle unlimited account. If you purchase through there, I make a small commission at no charge to you which goes back into funding Green Indy. I also suggest you look for these at your local library, many are there! read more

Single-use alternatives: ideas for cloth produce bags

Cloth produce bags: the simple answer to making your grocery shopping much more plastic free. When I first started zero waste, I purchased six mesh bags which I still use to this day. Not the best idea since they won’t decompose, but you live and you learn, eh?

Since then I’ve moved on to experimenting with brands making cloth produce bags with 100% natural fibers as well as making my own with second hand fabrics. The longer you do stuff, the smarter you get!

Whatever option you choose, switching to cloth produce bags is an incredibly simple way to do what we should all know better by now: single-use plastic bags are choking our waterways and clogging the stomachs of our wildlife. read more

Eco-friendly hair products for a zero waste routine

I’m not fussy about my hair. After almost three decades of living with thick curly hair, I’ve realized it’s going to do what it’s going to do, regardless of what I want. So I figure experimenting to find eco-friendly hair products that worked for me re: time and budget was the way to go.

But here’s the thing: I totally get that low- or zero waste hair care options can be A) difficult to acclimate to, B) expensive, C) hard to access, or even D) all of the above. Plus, hair comes in so many different (flavors?) that what works for one will backfire spectacularly for another. So I’m giving you plenty of options below. If one doesn’t work, I’d encourage you to try another option to see what else might work. read more

Zero waste period options (that aren’t just menstrual cups)

There’s a lot of talk about zero waste period options out there already, but what I think a lot miss is the emphasis on why we should switch to more sustainable options beyond a nebulous “it’s better for the environment!” angle.

Sure the environment is important, but providing access to period products (and better yet, long-lasting, not single-use ones) go far beyond that. Adequate period protection can foster educational opportunities for girls as well as provide very basic health and safety options. read more

Stojo review: an adorable pocket-sized coffee cup

I’m pretty much always willing to caffeinate, so having something on-hand for coffee is key. And while I love the traditional feel of a heavier glass mug, it can be a pain to carry a full-sized mug everywhere you go. Enter the Stojo: a collapsible zero waste coffee cup.

Yes, it can literally fit in your pocket.

Cool, right?!

Because one thing I have a lot of trouble with in my zero waste journey is staying prepared. I walk away from purchases more often than I’d care to admit simply because I didn’t bring that very simple zero waste alternative with me. So small, forgettable-but-utterly-useful items are key to my success. read more