Zero waste DIY: turn old fabric into napkins

One of the things I think you can never have enough of as someone practicing zero waste is napkins. They can be used in any number of ways. Right now I have napkins serving as, well, napkins, towels, cushioning for glass jars, storage, and more. A solid piece of cloth can be a champion of your zero waste kit.

And while I do enjoy the thrill of the hunt while looking for vintage napkins, they can be a little pricey and they’re often too pretty to be used for any rough and tumble purposes.

Enter all the old cloth I’m sure is sitting around in your house. From old t-shirts that are a little too hole-y to wear to old linens no longer fit for the bed, they’re all perfect for a zero waste DIY. read more

The ridiculously easy way to get labels off of jars

The ridiculously easy way to get labels off of jars is so simple I almost didn’t bother to share it. But, while I do try to purchase unpackaged goods as much as possible, sometimes product in a glass jar is the packaged alternative I turn to. Rather than simply recycling those jars, I like to reuse them for any number of storage purposes.

And I’ve stared at many a perfectly good jar in consternation because I just can’t quite get all of the label or any of the sticky glue off, so I figured this may be useful to some. read more

Fire cider 101: an herbal remedy for winter colds

I’m someone who gets miserably sick at least twice each winter. I suppose it’s a combination of having a so-so immune system as well as working with lots of kids. My body really has no chance. I’m also someone with a track record of reacting badly to medications. Some medications lower my blood pressure to the point I pass out. Others make me feel worse – in various tortured ways – than my original symptoms presented as.

Also, as someone interested in zero waste, the amount of packaging (necessary, but frustrating) is something to take into consideration. read more

Simple zero waste kitchen swaps

Is it just me or is the kitchen the biggest waste-generator of all, no matter how low waste you get? From food waste to packaging to water waste, the kitchen is a minefield of potential excess. Particularly for someone like me who spends a lot of time cooking and just generally snacking in the kitchen.

After months of feeling frustrated about what was going on in my kitchen, I finally settled in and completed a trash audit to figure out exactly what kind of trash I was producing. Once I did that, it was much easier to identify my issues and find zero waste kitchen swaps for the products I used the most. read more

Make zero waste ginger beer with a ginger bug

I love having a cocktail at the end of a long day. I also love a good mimosa for a weekend brunch. I don’t want to give you the impression I’m out here drink all the time, but I am a big believer that a drink can complement just about any event or meal.

Having got that out of the way, let’s talk zero waste alcohol. Alcohol, by nature, is fairly low-waste on the consumer end: glass bottles and metal caps make for easy reuse or recycling. That being said, the production of alcohol itself is not particularly low impact. As the site Dramming summarizes: read more