What's a trash audit and why should I do one? - Green Indy Blog

Minimize your trash with a trash audit

One of the best ways to get a handle on your trash output is by channeling your inner raccoon. Yup, I’m talking about digging into your trash can and finding out what’s really going on there with a trash audit. It can be a pretty gross undertaking, but honestly: what can motivate you to reduce your waste production than the prospect of digging through it a second time? What is a trash audit? A trash audit is essentially a study of what kind of trash you make. This is obviously incredibly helpful for someone interested in the zero waste movement, as it

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Creating community: ways I'm taking zero waste beyond just me - Green Indy Blog

Creating community: bigger zero waste goals

2018: because it can’t be worse than 2017. Right? Right?! Chances are if you’re here, you’re looking for ideas on how to make some concrete zero waste goals to kick the new year off right. Making big commitments, at least personally, has always been overwhelming so I try to choose realistic, concrete goals I actually have a chance of achieving. No: “I’m going to start a zero waste group in my city.” Yes: “I’m going to start a zero waste Facebook group and host one event next month.” Below I’m sharing my personal zero waste goals for the upcoming year.

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