Eco-friendly hair products for a zero waste routine

I’m not fussy about my hair. After almost three decades of living with thick curly hair, I’ve realized it’s going to do what it’s going to do, regardless of what I want. So I figure experimenting to find eco-friendly hair products that worked for me re: time and budget was the way to go.

But here’s the thing: I totally get that low- or zero waste hair care options can be A) difficult to acclimate to, B) expensive, C) hard to access, or even D) all of the above. Plus, hair comes in so many different (flavors?) that what works for one will backfire spectacularly for another. So I’m giving you plenty of options below. If one doesn’t work, I’d encourage you to try another option to see what else might work. read more

My (mostly) zero waste bathroom tour

Welcome to my (mostly) zero waste bathroom tour, kindly sponsored by The Green Root.

You might not think it, but the bathroom is a great place for anyone to jump start their zero waste journey. It’s a space of our house we often tuck away and forget about, despite using it for some of the – ahem – most vital functions. In fact, the bathroom is full of many items we can choose to not repurchase, DIY, or find non-disposable alternatives for.

Trust me when I say there’s definitely plenty of room for our collective improvement. To the tune of two billion disposable razors and one billion toothbrushes thrown away per year. Luckily, easy, low-cost investments can drastically reduce that number without much of an effect on your daily routine. read more

A mega-list of zero waste makeup options

I’ve worn makeup for as long as I can remember. When I was very young, it was a yearly tradition for dance recitals. As I got older, it was an everyday occurrence that I hardly thought about. Whether it was to give a little definition to my absolutely blank facial features (oh hey, pale redhead here!) or show off how *~cool~* I was as an angsty teen, makeup was there.

Sure, the eyeliner was heavier some years, or the lipstick darker, or the mascara clumpier… but it was there.

Suffice to say, I like makeup. read more

How to: shaving with a safety razor

I am, perhaps, uniquely unqualified to talk about this. Being the whitest redhead, I’ve got such light hair you likely can’t tell whether I shaved yesterday or three months ago unless you’re feeling my leg. (Please don’t do that.)

Still. I am a person that occasionally shaves my legs. When I started my zero waste journey, switching away from plastic razors seemed like a simple, extremely effective way to get started. The EPA estimates that 2 billion razors are thrown away each year, so it’s critically important to move away from such an egregious waste area.

Enter the safety razor.

Five easy zero waste bathroom swaps

Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom has the potential for creating the most amount of waste sent straight to the landfill. Plastic bottles, constant single-use items, and unnecessary products clog our shelves and our trash cans.

Finding easy zero waste bathroom swaps is a great way to not only reduce our landfill-bound trash, but it’s also a great chance to remove toxic chemicals from our daily routine. Go easy on yourself and the environment by making a few simple, cost-effective swaps the next time you run out of a product. read more