Zero waste period ideas (that aren't just menstrual cups) - Green Indy Blog

Zero waste period options (that aren’t just menstrual cups)

There’s a lot of talk about zero waste period options out there already, but what I think a lot miss is the emphasis on why we should switch to more sustainable options beyond a nebulous “it’s better for the environment!” angle. Sure the environment is important, but providing access to period products (and better yet, long-lasting, not single-use ones) go far beyond that. Adequate period protection can foster educational opportunities for girls as well as provide very basic health and safety options. If you’re not here for all that and just want recommendations, click here. So let’s talk facts about… your period

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What's a trash audit and why should I do one? - Green Indy Blog

Minimize your trash with a trash audit

One of the best ways to get a handle on your trash output is by channeling your inner raccoon. Yup, I’m talking about digging into your trash can and finding out what’s really going on there with a trash audit. It can be a pretty gross undertaking, but honestly: what can motivate you to reduce your waste production than the prospect of digging through it a second time? What is a trash audit? A trash audit is essentially a study of what kind of trash you make. This is obviously incredibly helpful for someone interested in the zero waste movement, as it

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Starting a garden: ideas from a zero waste perspective - Green Indy Blog

Starting a garden: ideas from a zero waste perspective

The weather is slowly turning towards spring and it’s time to start thinking about your garden. A big part of a zero waste life is reducing your impact on the planet; what better way to do that than by planting and growing some of your food? Even if you only have a small space and limited time, you have options. Grow something and cultivate your connection toward nature in whatever way works for you! consider the impact of store-bought No matter how much we garden, we’re pretty much all stuck with shopping at the store. Still, here are some ideas

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Zero waste isn't zero - and here's why - Green Indy Blog

Zero waste isn’t zero – and here’s why

Are you a self-sustaining homesteader with absolutely no ties to the outside work? Great, this post is not for you. For everyone else, this may be helpful. So often I hear people become upset because they can’t find unpackaged options or they unwittingly bring home trash despite their best efforts. I’m here to tell you A) it’s OK and B) it’s not you – it’s the system. We live and operate in a linear economy whereas zero waste advocates for a circular economy. To expect individual perfection when a perfect system doesn’t exist is silly; zero waste is a catchy

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Participate in the zero waste movement for free - Green Indy Blog

Participate in the zero waste movement for free

Zero waste life can often seem like an upper-middle class white girl’s dreamland. Full of high-end products and white walls aplenty, many of us are complicit in presenting zero waste as some exciting fantasy world. This trend can feel isolating. I’ve felt it and I am a middle class white girl. But in fact zero waste doesn’t have to be Instagram-worthy or high-end to be valid. Participating in the zero waste movement isn’t limited to a certain income and it certainly doesn’t hinge on fitting all your trash for years into a Mason jar. I’ve partnered with some passionate people living a zero waste

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