Get inspired by these zero waste books

Reading blogs is all well and good, but sometimes you need to deep dive into books to get nuanced information. Here are a list of the zero waste books (and zero waste adjacent books) I’d recommend you check out.

The books here are linked to Amazon – some are available for free if you have a Kindle unlimited account. If you purchase through there, I make a small commission at no charge to you which goes back into funding Green Indy. I also suggest you look for these at your local library, many are there! read more

A massive guide to starting a local zero waste group

Not ready to be the face of zero waste? That’s OK, I’ve got plenty of other resources to get you comfortable before you start to take over the world!

Online community is great. However, having a local zero waste group can be even more vital to the success of your zero waste journey. As an individual, you’re kind of useless. (Sorry, you’re great though.) Band together and you’ve got much more power to influence change in your specific community.

Plus, the whole zero waste journey is just easier if you’ve got someone to share your highs and lows with! read more

Zero waste DIY: turn old fabric into napkins

One of the things I think you can never have enough of as someone practicing zero waste is napkins. They can be used in any number of ways. Right now I have napkins serving as, well, napkins, towels, cushioning for glass jars, storage, and more. A solid piece of cloth can be a champion of your zero waste kit.

And while I do enjoy the thrill of the hunt while looking for vintage napkins, they can be a little pricey and they’re often too pretty to be used for any rough and tumble purposes.

Enter all the old cloth I’m sure is sitting around in your house. From old t-shirts that are a little too hole-y to wear to old linens no longer fit for the bed, they’re all perfect for a zero waste DIY. read more

Send companies this zero waste feedback letter

Do you ever feel like the world is out to conspire against your zero waste ambitions?

(It is. Here’s why.)

One way of feeling less helpless in the unending fight against plastic is to reach out to people in a position of power and let them know your thoughts by sending a letter. Sending a zero waste feedback letter alone may not get anything changed, but hey: if you get enough people to do so, you may have some momentum. Even making companies aware that people are interested in no-waste solutions can be really valuable. read more

New Minimalism review: on zero waste and minimalism

Trying to fit a zero waste and minimalist lifestyle together can seem to be impossible.

As someone living a zero waste and minimal life as best I can, I absolutely disagree. After all, isn’t the first R of zero waste refuse? And one of the main tenets of a circular mindset simplicity?

The opposition of zero waste and minimalism seems true at first. That is, if you subscribe to the type of minimalism that encourages a willy-nilly discard of everything non-essential. But in fact there are ways to gracefully, non-wastefully give away your items… and after that, use zero waste practices to reduce your consumption. read more