4 simple zero waste workshops for your community - Green Indy Blog

4 simple zero waste workshops for your community

Are you a group or business in Indiana interested in zero waste workshops? Get in touch – I love holding them! It’s all well and good to read books and blog posts describing a lifestyle and how to live it, but it’s another thing entirely to experience it for yourself. I know personally zero waste workshops opened my mind to exciting possibilities and empowered me to make tangible differences! Creating something themselves gives people pride of ownership. Not only will they be more likely to utilize the product itself, but they’ll be much more willing to talk about it to

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What's the most eco-friendly food packaging to choose? - Green Indy Blog

What’s the most eco-friendly food packaging?

What’s the most eco-friendly food packaging to choose? Unpackaged is best, but that’s often not realistic. But choosing a packaging material with the least amount of impact is easier said than done. To point, what to consider while choosing packaging: the life-cycle, transportation, energy to be made, energy to be recycled. Seems like a lot, right? It is. Because the truth is, as one article puts it, “as with many environmental quandaries, the answer depends on whether you care more about climate change or solid waste, chemicals in the ground water or human toxicity, acid rain or smog.” There’s no perfect

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Eco-friendly hair products for a zero waste routine - Green Indy Blog

Eco-friendly hair products for a zero waste routine

I’m not fussy about my hair. After almost three decades of living with thick curly hair, I’ve realized it’s going to do what it’s going to do, regardless of what I want. So I figure experimenting to find eco-friendly hair products that worked for me re: time and budget was the way to go. But here’s the thing: I totally get that low- or zero waste hair care options can be A) difficult to acclimate to, B) expensive, C) hard to access, or even D) all of the above. Plus, hair comes in so many different (flavors?) that what works for

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Zero waste period ideas (that aren't just menstrual cups) - Green Indy Blog

Zero waste period options (that aren’t just menstrual cups)

There’s a lot of talk about zero waste period options out there already, but what I think a lot miss is the emphasis on why we should switch to more sustainable options beyond a nebulous “it’s better for the environment!” angle. Sure the environment is important, but providing access to period products (and better yet, long-lasting, not single-use ones) go far beyond that. Adequate period protection can foster educational opportunities for girls as well as provide very basic health and safety options. If you’re not here for all that and just want recommendations, click here. So let’s talk facts about… your period

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What's a trash audit and why should I do one? - Green Indy Blog

Minimize your trash with a trash audit

One of the best ways to get a handle on your trash output is by channeling your inner raccoon. Yup, I’m talking about digging into your trash can and finding out what’s really going on there with a trash audit. It can be a pretty gross undertaking, but honestly: what can motivate you to reduce your waste production than the prospect of digging through it a second time? What is a trash audit? A trash audit is essentially a study of what kind of trash you make. This is obviously incredibly helpful for someone interested in the zero waste movement, as it

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