How to feel un-stuck in your zero waste journey

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Going and/or staying zero waste can be a struggle. Some days it can feel like you’re the only one making any effort to reduce your consumption. Like it’s not even worth the struggle. I’m here to gently remind you that everyone feels this way when they’re working on something they’re passionate about. And those feelings of frustration or hopelessness are┬átotally┬ávalid. What you can’t do, though, is wallow in them to the point you give up. Here are a few things that have helped me feel un-stuck in my zero waste journey when I was in a rut. Meet up with …

How do I go zero waste with a partner that doesn’t care?

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Let me set the scene: we’re wandering through the aisles of the grocery store, tossing in some loose produce and bulk dry goods here and there. I turn around for a second to consider a sauce of some kind and when I turn back around: BAM! A pack of ramen sits in the cart, taunting me with its plastic. No, it didn’t jump in there by itself. I’ve got a husband who, while pretty receptive to a lot of my wild ideas, really really loves ramen. I roll my eyes and sigh less-than-goodnaturedly. Does it get bought? Yes. Do I …

The best zero waste tip for beginners

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I’m not going to lie – in the scheme of things I’m very, very new to the zero waste game. All of my experiences have come at a steep learning curve as my only instructor has been the good ol’ internet. Useful, but not as useful as being able to chat to a real, live person. That’s why I created this site: in the hopes that someone in Indianapolis (or at least Indiana) would stumble across my blog and find some truly applicable tips. So here goes (and this applies beyond Indy!). My biggest, best zero waste tip for beginners: …

Going zero waste in one of Indy’s food deserts

Going zero waste in one of Indy's food deserts - Green Indy Blog

I vividly remember one of the most miserable experiences of my first few months in Indy. Neither my husband nor I had snagged a job yet, and we were coming to the end of our savings. We lived close to downtown but the nearest grocery store was 1.2 miles away. We needed food but really couldn’t spare money for an Uber (nor was there a direct bus route). So my husband and I walked to and from the store, burdened by bags and the cold November wind whipped past us. What if we were not two healthy, young, able-bodied adults? …

My zero waste exceptions and struggles

My zero waste exceptions and struggles - Green Indy Blog

While my zero waste journey is going pretty well and my husband and I have drastically reduced our waste, there’s still a lot to work on. (Plus, you know, the whole zero in zero waste is absolutely impossible in a non-circular economy – but that’s a story for another day.) Sometimes waste appears because we’re lazy. Sometimes waste pops up because I don’t have a better alternative. Sometimes there are things I’m just not willing to give up yet. Here are the four big items I personally still purchase/use despite the fact that they produce some major waste.