New Minimalism review: on zero waste and minimalism

Trying to fit a zero waste and minimalist lifestyle together can seem to be impossible.

As someone living a zero waste and minimal life as best I can, I absolutely disagree. After all, isn’t the first R of zero waste refuse? And one of the main tenets of a circular mindset simplicity?

The opposition of zero waste and minimalism seems true at first. That is, if you subscribe to the type of minimalism that encourages a willy-nilly discard of everything non-essential. But in fact there are ways to gracefully, non-wastefully give away your items… and after that, use zero waste practices to reduce your consumption. read more

Tips for minimizing while staying eco-conscious

My husband and I have started looking at houses. (Exciting! Terrifying!) While there’s an almost 100% chance we’ll be moving somewhere larger than our current 600 sq ft apartment, I’m still feeling the decluttering itch.

Who wants to move stuff we haven’t used for months to a new place, where it’ll just sit unused again?

So in the past few weeks I’ve been very slowly decluttering our apartment. We’re pretty minimal so there’s not much to get rid of, but I have seen some pretty great improvements just from removing some small items here and there. (I’ve been trying to keep up with the minimalism game, but I don’t have enough things to do it.) read more