How to host a zero waste meetup in your city

How to host a zero waste meetup in your city - Green Indy Blog (header)

I’ve been plotting and thinking about how to a zero waste meetup here in Indianapolis for a few months. While I don’t feel like I’m a zero waste master by any stretch of the imagination, I’ve learned that often you don’t have to be the best at something, you just have to be the one to get the ball rolling! To that end, I’ve finally decided it’s time to bite the bullet and be the one to officially offer to host a zero waste meetup here in Indy! If you’re in the area, here are the exciting deets. (If you’re …

Going zero waste in one of Indy’s food deserts

Going zero waste in one of Indy's food deserts - Green Indy Blog

I vividly remember one of the most miserable experiences of my first few months in Indy. Neither my husband nor I had snagged a job yet, and we were coming to the end of our savings. We lived close to downtown but the nearest grocery store was 1.2 miles away. We needed food but really couldn’t spare money for an Uber (nor was there a direct bus route). So my husband and I walked to and from the store, burdened by bags and the cold November wind whipped past us. What if we were not two healthy, young, able-bodied adults? …

Zero waste coffee guide, Indianapolis

Zero waste coffee guide, Indianapolis - Green Indy Blog header

When I began to think about compiling my zero waste coffee guide, Indianapolis, I had lots of ideas. I love coffee. My outside-the-house coffee consumption is actually pretty minimal, but I would say I purchase a coffee 2-3 times each month. My (very simple) requirements: be locally-owned serve items on reusable dishes if I’m staying there accept my own to-go cup and cloth napkin as a plate, if needed Armed with my trusty KeepCup* and DIY wax wrap, I began to research.

A ton of resources for zero waste in Indianapolis

I’d love to see an Indianapolis that embraces the ideals of less waste more fully. Perhaps the easiest way to start the ball rolling is by getting individuals to make changes in their day-to-day lifestyle. It’s not an easy task, though, so I thought I’d offer a whole list of zero waste Indy resources to make the process a bit simpler. This list includes tons of places in Indianapolis to stock up on zero waste items you might need around your house, as well as different organizations that align with the zero waste movement in some way. Get involved and …

Five easy(ish) steps to going zero waste in Indianapolis

Five easy steps to going zero waste in Indianapolis - Green Indy Blog

Before I start in on my tips on going zero waste in Indianapolis, I have a confession: I’m not a Hoosier by birth. I am a born and bred East-Coaster who somewhat serendipitously fell into Indianapolis in October 2015. Since then, I’ve fallen deeply in love with the city (warts and all) and I can see myself staying here for many years. Big stuff for an almost compulsive wanderer like myself! As I ease further and further into the zero waste movement, I’m always looking for ways to incorporate local excellence into my zero waste routine and encourage other Hoosiers …