The 10-step zero waste beginner guide

Starting a journey towards zero waste can seem overwhelming at the beginning! Rather than tackling the concept as a whole, I found it helpful to break zero waste down into little chunks.

Zero waste for beginners doesn’t have to be information overload. Enter this zero waste beginner guide.

I’ve compiled the ten most helpful steps for beginners to get a handle on their zero waste practices. Try one or two each week until you feel comfortable with that step – then move on to the next. Along the way you’ll find other questions or practices you want to explore too! read more

Participate in the zero waste movement for free

Zero waste life can often seem like an upper-middle class white girl’s dreamland. Full of high-end products and white walls aplenty, many of us are complicit in presenting zero waste as some exciting fantasy world.

This trend can feel isolating. I’ve felt it and I am a middle class white girl. But in fact zero waste doesn’t have to be Instagram-worthy or high-end to be valid. Participating in the zero waste movement isn’t limited to a certain income and it certainly doesn’t hinge on fitting all your trash for years into a Mason jar. read more

5 essential concepts for zero waste success

Are you one of the Americans helping to create more than 700,000 tons of garbage every day? (FYI, that’s enough to fill about 60,000 trash trucks. DAILY.)

You don’t have to be. Really, I should know. I was one of those people not too long ago, but after tons of internet sleuthing, reading, and thinking, I went zero waste and never looked back.

And while I could talk for days about everything I know (or want to know) about zero waste, there are five essential concepts for zero waste success that I’ve discovered. I’ve used them to turn myself into a not-statistic and only take out my trash rarely. (My not-so-zero-waste husband and I have taken trash to the curb once in four months and that included a major renovation!) read more

20 actionable steps for a zero waste beginner

I remember being a zero waste beginner.

Zero waste can definitely feel like an overwhelming concept to grapple with. I remember starting out and thinking how is it possible to really do all this? After a year and change of giving zero waste a serious chance, I’m happy to report everything does get easier – really! At some point, bulk shopping, tossing food waste into the compost, and refusing single-use products becomes second nature.

Still, getting started is probably the biggest obstacle to overcome. This was especially frustrating for me when talking to my friends and family about zero waste – I figured that if I could do it, so could they! Instead, they seemed to focus on all the difficulties and none of the rewards. read more

How do I go zero waste with a partner that doesn’t care?

Let me set the scene: we’re wandering through the aisles of the grocery store, tossing in some loose produce and bulk dry goods here and there. I turn around for a second to consider a sauce of some kind and when I turn back around: BAM! A pack of ramen sits in the cart, taunting me with its plastic.

No, it didn’t jump in there by itself. I’ve got a husband who, while pretty receptive to a lot of my wild ideas, really really loves ramen.

I roll my eyes and sigh less-than-goodnaturedly. read more