Zero waste DIY: turn old fabric into napkins

One of the things I think you can never have enough of as someone practicing zero waste is napkins. They can be used in any number of ways. Right now I have napkins serving as, well, napkins, towels, cushioning for glass jars, storage, and more. A solid piece of cloth can be a champion of your zero waste kit.

And while I do enjoy the thrill of the hunt while looking for vintage napkins, they can be a little pricey and they’re often too pretty to be used for any rough and tumble purposes.

Enter all the old cloth I’m sure is sitting around in your house. From old t-shirts that are a little too hole-y to wear to old linens no longer fit for the bed, they’re all perfect for a zero waste DIY. read more

The big list of zero waste cleaning recipes

People can make zero waste cleaning more difficult than it needs to be. After all, the whole concept of zero waste is to stop consuming unnecessary, unsustainable items. Do yourself a favor and simplify.

Plus, take it from a lazy person: the fewer cleaning products you have to choose from, the less overwhelming it feels to actually clean your house.

(Or at least that’s what I tell myself.)

The best part of wholly embracing zero waste cleaning supplies is that you can pretty much use the same four or five different ingredients in any number of useful ways. Read on to find out about the cleaning supplies I use when I’m not feeling too lazy to clean. read more

30-minute bento bag tutorial

This bento bag tutorial needs to be shared. I use it for bulk shopping, gift wrapping, a lunch box, and even a camera bag. Best of all, it’s simple enough that even a dysfunctional seamstress like myself can whip one up in just about 230 minutes.

Caveat: while you can hand-sew this, it would take significantly longer than 30 minutes. I purchased an open but unused second-hand Brother JX 2517 several months ago and it’s been a huge help in all the bulk bag making and clothing repairs I’d been putting off for ages. If it’s in your budget and would be something you’d use, a sewing machine can be a powerful tool in your zero waste journey!

Easy consumable zero waste gifts

Whether you like it or not, ’tis the season for exchanging gifts with friends and family. Rather than impulse/panic buying something silly that they neither want or need at the last minute, consider the slightly more thoughtful DIY route. Even better, create consumable zero waste gifts tailored to their tastes that won’t take up shelf space after their use runs out.

DIY is a great option since you have more control over ingredients and packaging, making it pretty simple to sneakily pass on zero waste gifts without anyone even realizing it! read more

The ridiculously easy way to get labels off of jars

The ridiculously easy way to get labels off of jars is so simple I almost didn’t bother to share it. But, while I do try to purchase unpackaged goods as much as possible, sometimes product in a glass jar is the packaged alternative I turn to. Rather than simply recycling those jars, I like to reuse them for any number of storage purposes.

And I’ve stared at many a perfectly good jar in consternation because I just can’t quite get all of the label or any of the sticky glue off, so I figured this may be useful to some. read more