How to host a zero waste table at events

One of my big goals for this zero waste to make zero waste a greater part of my community. The simplest way of doing that is – well – actually getting out into the community. The big way I’ve been reaching a bigger audience offline is to host a zero waste table at local events.

Hosting a zero waste table at an event can be scary. You never really know who will walk up and how they’ll interact with what’s likely a new concept for them. Luckily, I’ve had nothing but positive experiences during the times I’ve hosted a table at various events. read more

5 simple steps to starting a reusable bag share program

Starting a reusable bag share program may sound intimidating, but in fact it’s pretty simple – and I did it for free! (Seriously!) People seem mystified by this on Instagram each time I talk about it, but the concept is very simple.

I have a small booth at the local farmers market. If people forget to bring their bags to the farmers market, they can take one or two of ours and bring it back next week. I also have an email sign-up sheet so people will get a reminder the day before to return the bag. It’s really that simple. read more

A massive guide to starting a local zero waste group

Not ready to be the face of zero waste? That’s OK, I’ve got plenty of other resources to get you comfortable before you start to take over the world!

Online community is great. However, having a local zero waste group can be even more vital to the success of your zero waste journey. As an individual, you’re kind of useless. (Sorry, you’re great though.) Band together and you’ve got much more power to influence change in your specific community.

Plus, the whole zero waste journey is just easier if you’ve got someone to share your highs and lows with! read more

Tips for hosting or attending a zero waste party

Ready to host or attend a party but not sure how to deal from a zero waste perspective? I’ve put together this zero waste party guide with a few ideas to get you started.

The one thing you’re always going to need, though? More than any physical item, you’ll need to have the confidence in your zero waste practices to be the odd one out. I know it can be awkward to be the only one using real silverware at a picnic, but it’s less awkward than the slow demise of our planet… read more

4 simple zero waste workshops for your community

Are you a group or business in Indiana interested in zero waste workshops? Get in touch – I love holding them!

It’s all well and good to read books and blog posts describing a lifestyle and how to live it, but it’s another thing entirely to experience it for yourself.

I know personally zero waste workshops opened my mind to exciting possibilities and empowered me to make tangible differences!

Creating something themselves gives people pride of ownership. Not only will they be more likely to utilize the product itself, but they’ll be much more willing to talk about it to friends and family. One more diabolical way to spread the word of zero waste! read more