Hi! Green Indy is a blog about zero waste, minimalism, and generally being less of an a**hole to our Earth (Lafayette, Indiana, specifically) by me, Polly Barks. I’m a writer, teacher, and a natural-born researcher/experimenter.

I fell into minimalism naturally after I moved 800 miles from home for college, and then over 4,000 miles to get my first job as an ESL teacher in Russia. Years of country hopping honed my belongings to a bare minimum.

Aside from my essential weaknesses – all the food and old film cameras – I don’t want for a lot. (Yes, I only own two pairs of pants. No, I’m not usually super stinky.) But taking my low-key lifestyle to the next level? That’s a different story.

I started leading toward a more zero-waste lifestyle in late 2016 and it’s been full of learning experiences, fails, and even some occasional wins. I hope you’ll join me on my adventure!

WTF is zero waste?

The concept of zero waste is pretty simple: essentially, living a life where nothing ends up in a landfill. That means trading plastic packaging for reusable alternatives, halting most of your consumer spending, and generally getting more creative when you need to buy things.

Trying to move toward zero waste is not easy, but here’s the deal: the average person creates 4.3 pounds of garbage DAILY. That’s an insane amount of trash that ends up in a landfill and turns into noxious gases that are destroying our environment.

So zero waste? 4.3 pounds into 0.

Could you do it?


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