Getting started

Welcome to Green Indy! We’re here to make zero waste accessible to everyone, no matter where you live or how much money you have. (I’m Polly, by the way.)

Totally new to zero waste? No problem: here’s the 10-step beginner guide to get started.

Dabbled in zero waste and ready to go to the next level? Doing a trash audit is a great way to plan your next steps.

Feeling like a zero waste rock star? Excellent! It’s time to take your skills into the community and get teaching. Here’s how to start. read more

4 zero waste challenges to take you beyond the Mason Jar mindset

Too often I worry zero waste is framed as just the plastic around produce or an occasional non-sustainable purchase. Waste is more than just the tangible waste you create on a day-to-day basis (ie. why I think the whole “year of trash in a mason jar” is bullshit).

Waste is in the energy and resources needed to create a product. It’s the emissions around transporting items around the globe. It’s… more than a plastic bag.

None of this is said to scare you, or to say that making those small habit shifts aren’t important. It’s just key to know there’s more to zero waste than the trash you see on a day-to-day basis. So these four challenges are designed to A) reduce the waste you create on the daily and B) get you thinking of zero waste beyond just a plastic wrapper. read more

How to host a zero waste table at events

One of my big goals for this zero waste to make zero waste a greater part of my community. The simplest way of doing that is – well – actually getting out into the community. The big way I’ve been reaching a bigger audience offline is to host a zero waste table at local events.

Hosting a zero waste table at an event can be scary. You never really know who will walk up and how they’ll interact with what’s likely a new concept for them. Luckily, I’ve had nothing but positive experiences during the times I’ve hosted a table at various events. read more

Zero waste gift ideas (when you can’t say no to a gift)

No matter how hard you may push to say “no gifts” or “experiences over things”, gifts still come your way. I’m sure we can all think of those lovely people in our lives who feel like not giving physical gifts is the ultimate offense.

Keep pushing for those experience gifts, but sometimes it’s just not happening.

For those of you dealing with folks who love giving stuff, I present to you some zero waste gift ideas. (Bonus points if you can convince them to source your zero waste gifts second hand! I’ve included links to second-hand online options when possible.) read more

Zero waste Indiana: an interview with Good Soul Shop

This inaugural Zero Waste Indiana post is kindly sponsored by Good Soul Shop. Are you a business doing great zero waste things in Indiana? Get in touch!

Today I’m excited to share an interview with Heather, the owner of Good Soul Shop. Not only is it a cool shop, she’s Indiana based!! The zero waste Indiana movement is growing slowly but surely, and I’m excited to support the movers and shakers.

Heather designed leadership development programs, coach executives, and help companies grow and retain their talented employees for 20 years. She worked for manufacturing and technology companies, which gives her insight into sustainable manufacturing practices. And as she says: “let’s be real, companies generate a lot of trash.” read more

5 simple steps to starting a reusable bag share program

Starting a reusable bag share program may sound intimidating, but in fact it’s pretty simple – and I did it for free! (Seriously!) People seem mystified by this on Instagram each time I talk about it, but the concept is very simple.

I have a small booth at the local farmers market. If people forget to bring their bags to the farmers market, they can take one or two of ours and bring it back next week. I also have an email sign-up sheet so people will get a reminder the day before to return the bag. It’s really that simple. read more